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Electrical Part Two

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Posted 09-15-2009 at 10:36 PM by pbrown

I was able to complete some of the grounding project this evening. I bought some #10 wire and then didn't use it.

I extended the heavy black wire on my MSD 6AL to the new ground point on the engine block. The MSD ground was actually a 14G so I used the same.

I ran a #8 wire from the MTX amp to the battery. It is probably overkill. The possitive wire is also #8 so at least they match.

I extended the fuel pump ground with another length of 14 gauge black wire to the battery.

There are now three grounds connected the battery terminal. I turned on the stereo to listen for noise with the engine off. I can still hear the fuel pump very slightly. I may extend the head unit ground to the battery so that it shares a ground with the amp. I have a noise filter that I may try as well. The system is certainly much better.

I haven't done the electric fan yet. I'll try to get to that tomorrow.

I found a good mounting point for my Megasquirt box. I'm going to mount it above the glove box with some velcro. I have a data logger up there now that has been recording throttle position, RPM, vacuum, and AFR. That will have to come out to make room.

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